Rhode Island Music & Arts Festival

An annual event showcasing music, arts and local food in the beautiful India Point Park in downtown Providence, R.I.


Sept. 14 and 15, 2018

 ESTIVAL DOORS OPEN with Yoga - 11:00AM

Aubrey Haddard - 12:00PM (Main Stage)

Colby James & the Ramblers - 12:50PM (Main Stage)

West End Blend - 1:40PM (Main Stage)

Mease - 2:30PM (Second Stage)

The Adam Ezra Group - 3:35PM (Main Stage)

Rival Roots - 4:40PM (Second Stage)

Bumpin Uglies - 5:15PM (Main Stage)

Phil Adams Group - 6:45PM (Second Stage)

Kung Fu - 7:05PM (Main Stage)

SixFoxWhiskey - 8:25PM (Second Stage)

The Felice Brothers - 9:15PM (Main Stage)